What type of Evacuation is used in Hospital Wards?

Evacuation of Hospital Wards

Hospital wards utilize a variety of evacuation equipment, depending on the type of ward and the layout of the building.

Generally, this includes items such as evacuation chairs, evacuation mattresses, stair chairs, evacuation stretchers, and evacuation boards. These help to safely and quickly move patients from the ward in case of an emergency.

Additionally, many hospitals also use powered evacuation devices such as evacuation lifts, evacuation trolleys and evacuation slings/hoists to assist with the evacuation of bedridden or non-ambulatory patients.

Evacuate a Hospital

Evacuation Equipment in Hospital Wards

Some common types of evacuation used in hospital wards include:

  • Stretcher Evacuation: This type of evacuation involves moving patients who are unable to walk on a stretcher to a safe location. This method is commonly used for patients who are critically ill or have limited mobility.
  • Evacuation Chairs: Evacuation chairs are specifically designed for the safe and efficient transportation of patients down stairs and other obstacles during an evacuation. They are typically used for patients who are able to sit but are unable to walk.
  • Wheelchair Evacuation: Patients who are able to sit and have limited mobility may be evacuated using a wheelchair. This method is used for patients who are able to walk short distances but require assistance for longer distances.
  • Bed Evacuation: This type of evacuation involves moving a patient who is unable to sit or stand on a hospital bed to a safe location. This method is typically used for critically ill patients or those with limited mobility.

What Evacuation Equipment Do You Use In Your Hospital or Clinic?

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