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The Lifesaving Power of Evacuation Mats

Best Practice for Hospital Evacuations

Hospital evacuations are about preparedness. Evacuation sheets are best for hospitals and care homes, for their safety, function and durability. In every healthcare setting, emergency preparedness is crucial. This is because we are dealing with people who could be gravely ill, bedridden, unconscious or just mobility-impaired. Emergencies are by nature, unexpected. Therefore, to achieve the best results and ensure safety of lives, you have to plan and prepare for them. […]

S-SCAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet - Bariatric model

What are Evacuation Sheets?

Evacuation sheets are a vital component of emergency preparedness, especially in environments like hospitals, care facilities, and buildings where mobility-impaired individuals may require assistance during evacuations. These sheets are designed to facilitate the swift and safe movement of individuals who cannot walk or have limited mobility due to injuries, disabilities, or medical conditions. Purpose and Features of Evacuation Sheets The primary purpose of evacuation sheets is to ensure the rapid […]

Emergency Management

In Emergencies, Every Second Counts

That’s why having the right evacuation equipment is crucial! TETCON’s top-of-the-line Evacuation Mats and Evacuation Sheets, are designed to keep you colleagues, patients and loved ones safe in any situation. For the mobility impaired and unconscious victims, our products are your trusted companions for a swift and secure evacuation. πŸ”†Here’s why you need them: βœ… Easy to Use: Just grab and go! Our evacuation mats and sheets are designed for […]