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What are Infant Evacuation Equipment?

Infant evacuation equipment refers to devices or tools used to safely and quickly transport infants from a building or aircraft during an emergency evacuation. Examples include infant carriers, mattresses, backpacks and stretchers. These devices are designed to provide a secure and stable environment for the infant and ensure the safety of both the infant and the caregiver during the evacuation process. Types of Infant Evacuation Equipment The following are some […]

What is an Evacuation Plan?

Do you need an Evacuation Plan? Emergencies sometimes happen despite our best preparations because some of them might be beyond our control. These emergencies includes, fire, flood, earthquakes and even medical emergencies. When these emergencies happens it usually requires the evacuation of a building, an area, or a group of people. What is an Evacuation Plan? An evacuation plan is a detailed plan of action for safely evacuating people from […]

What type of Evacuation is used in Hospital Wards?

Evacuation of Hospital Wards Hospital wards utilize a variety of evacuation equipment, depending on the type of ward and the layout of the building. Generally, this includes items such as evacuation chairs, evacuation mattresses, stair chairs, evacuation stretchers, and evacuation boards. These help to safely and quickly move patients from the ward in case of an emergency. Additionally, many hospitals also use powered evacuation devices such as evacuation lifts, evacuation […]