Evacuation Mats

Evacuation mats are designed to leave no one behind in an emergency. In this overview you can meet different models of the S-CAPEPLUS® Evacuation Mats and the evacuation mat for babies: S-CAPEKIDS®. All mats can help you with a horizontal evacuation, but also to evacuate immobile people via the staircase.

You can find these evacuation mats in hospitals, senior living facilities, schools, universities, museums, cinemas, companies and many more.

See all the evacuation mats below.


S-CAPEPLUS® Evacuation Mat

Basic Model


S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress

Premium Model – With Dyneema®

S-CAPEKIDS-evacuation mat

S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mattress

Baby Model

Bariatric-S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat

S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat

Bariatric Model

SCAPEPLUS youth evacuation-mat

S-CAPEPLUS® Evacuation Mattress

Youth Model – For Children


S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress

Inflatable Model