Evacuation Equipment

Everyday, in our schools, multi-storey buildings, hospitals there are people who cannot escape on their own from either an imminent or ongoing threat or a hazard to them because they are mobility impaired, bedridden, babies or in a wheel chair. They need Evacuation Equipment.

The kinds of threats include but are not limited to:

Evacuation Equipment
Evacuation Sheets used in a hospital bed
  1. Fire
  2. Floods
  3. Landslides
  4. Electricity/Heat/Water failure
  5. Pandemics
  6. Bombs
  7. Terrorism etc

Should any of the above or similar occur all persons should have a safe means of escape, which is not reliant of the Fire & Rescue Service.

Evacuation Equipment
Evacuation mattress used in a school

Our range of evacuation equipment includes are designed for hospital, multi-storey buildings, public buildings, childcare centres, schools, hotels, etc. These devices provide a simple and effective solution to ensuring disabled and mobility impaired people have a safe exit from a building in an emergency situation.

These equipment are manufactured in the Netherlands by TETCON (Technical Textile Concepts). From the very beginning, they had a single goal in mind: “Leave No One Behind” and this philosophy is in Levande’s DNA, making it a good fit.

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