10 Reasons You Need Evacuation Equipment

Why Schools Need Evacuation Mats

Evacuation mats and sheets by TETCON provides rapid and efficient response during emergencies, ensuring a swift evacuation process when every second counts.

Prioritize the safety of patients and staff with evacuation mats and sheets, designed to facilitate smooth and secure evacuation, reducing the risk of injuries.

Whether in healthcare facilities, schools, or offices, TETCON’s evacuation mats and sheets are versatile solutions adaptable to diverse environments, ensuring a consistent safety standard.

TETCON’s products are designed for convenience. Their compact nature allows for easy storage, ensuring evacuation equipment are readily accessible when needed most.

TETCON’s evacuation mats and sheets, designed to withstand wear and tear, provide a reliable, long-lasting solution for your emergency preparedness needs.

Ensure inclusivity in your emergency preparedness plan. TETCON’s products, designed to be accessible for individuals with mobility challenges, offer a solution for everyone.

Stay compliant with safety regulations and standards by incorporating TETCON’s evacuation mats and sheets into your facility’s emergency preparedness strategy.

Caregivers can focus on their primary responsibilities with the knowledge that TETCON’s evacuation solutions are in place, creating a safer environment for caregivers and those under their care.

TETCON provides resources and support for training staff on proper evacuation procedures, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for potential emergencies.

Evacuation mats and sheets are a critical investment in emergency preparedness. TETCON’s products offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for safeguarding lives in unexpected situations.

Levande Healthcare is proud to be a distributor of the TETCON brand of Evacuation sheets and evacuation mats. Call 08177321761 to book a demo or for more information.

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