What is an Evacuation Plan?

Do you need an Evacuation Plan?

Emergencies sometimes happen despite our best preparations because some of them might be beyond our control. These emergencies includes, fire, flood, earthquakes and even medical emergencies. When these emergencies happens it usually requires the evacuation of a building, an area, or a group of people.

What is an Evacuation Plan?

An evacuation plan is a detailed plan of action for safely evacuating people from a building or area in the event of an emergency. It is a set of instructions, a document, that tells people what to do in case they need to quickly leave a building or area.

What does it Achieve?

It’s main objective is to ensure everyone leaves an area quickly, safely and with minimal or no injuries. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

What is in an Evacuation Plan?

It typically includes information on exits, assembly areas, and emergency contact numbers. It also outlines procedures for accounting for personnel, securing the area, and other safety measures. In order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, it is important to review evacuation plans regularly and practice the procedures outlined in the plan.

It should include detailed instructions on how to evacuate safely, how to alert people of an emergency, and where to go once evacuated. It should also include information on how to contact emergency services and other important contacts.

Essential Steps in an Evacuation Plan:

  1. Know the exits: Identify the nearest and quickest routes out of the building or area.
  2. Gather supplies: Have an emergency supply kit ready, including essential items such as water, food, and first aid supplies.
  3. Be aware of the alarm: Know what the fire alarm sounds like and what to do when you hear it.
  4. Stay calm: Move quickly but calmly, avoiding panicking or rushing.
  5. Follow the plan: Follow the evacuation route as indicated in the plan, leaving the building or area in an organized and orderly manner.
  6. Go to a safe place: Once you are outside, go to a designated safe area, such as a nearby park or open space, where you can wait for further instructions.
  7. Call for help: If you are injured or unable to evacuate on your own, call for help and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

What Evacuation Equipment Do You Use In Your Building?

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