What are Emergency Evacuation Equipment and Training?

Definitions of Emergency Evacuation Equipment and Training

Emergency evacuation training refers to the training and education provided to individuals on how to use emergency evacuation equipment, respond to an emergency situation, and evacuate safely and efficiently. This type of training typically includes instructions on how to properly use the equipment, how to evacuate people with disabilities, and how to follow established procedures and protocols.

Emergency evacuation equipment refers to the tools and devices used to safely and efficiently transport people and critical equipment during an emergency situation. Some examples of emergency evacuation equipment include stretchers, evacuation mats, evacuation chairs, wheelchair ramps and rescue baskets.

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What is Emergency Evacuation Equipment Training?

This refer to the tools and instruction necessary to safely evacuate an area in the event of an emergency. This equipment includes items like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting systems, and evacuation plans.

Training includes instructions on how to use the equipment, detect an emergency and follow the evacuation plan. The right equipment and training in place is crucial in preventing injury and damage in the event of an emergency.

It teaches individuals to safely and effectively use any and all emergency evacuation equipment designed for different scenarios and places.

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Why do you need Training on Evacuation Equipment?

It prepares individuals to respond effectively to an emergency situation and ensure the safety and well-being of patients, staff and visitors.

It is important for any person who works in a building where emergency evacuation may be necessary. The correct use of the equipment can be the difference between life and death.

Hospitals and public buildings are required by law to have evacuation equipment & plans in place and provide training on them.

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What Evacuation Equipment Do You Use In Your Hospital or Clinic?

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