Best Practice for Hospital Evacuations

Hospital evacuations are about preparedness. Evacuation sheets are best for hospitals and care homes, for their safety, function and durability.

In every healthcare setting, emergency preparedness is crucial. This is because we are dealing with people who could be gravely ill, bedridden, unconscious or just mobility-impaired.

Emergencies are by nature, unexpected. Therefore, to achieve the best results and ensure safety of lives, you have to plan and prepare for them. Praying and hoping they don’t happen is not a plan.

✅️ Develop a Comprehensive Plan: These must include designated evacuation routes, assembly areas, roles and responsibilities of staff members etc.

✅️ Regular Training and Drills: Very important especially at planned intervals e.g. quarterly or bi-annually. This will help to familiarize staff with protocols, equipment usage, and coordination strategies.

✅️ Prioritize Patient Safety: Ensure that patient safety is the top priority during evacuations. Assign staff members to assist patients with mobility issues, provide clear instructions, and everyone should know how to deploy the TETCON evacuation sheets for swift and safe transport.

✅️ Communication is Key: Use communication tools such as two-way radios, mobile phones, public address systems (PAS) or hospital intercom systems to relay important information.

✅️ Maintain Equipment Readiness: Keep evacuation sheets, stretchers, wheelchairs, and other necessary equipment in accessible locations and regularly check their functionality.

✅️ Coordinate with Authorities: Collaborate with local emergency response agencies, fire departments, and authorities to align evacuation plans, share information, and receive assistance if needed during large-scale emergencies.

✅️ Review and Improve: Regularly review and update your hospital’s evacuation plan based on feedback from drills, lessons learned from past incidents, and changes in regulations or facility layout. This cannot be over-emphasized.

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