What are Infant Evacuation Equipment?

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Infant evacuation equipment refers to devices or tools used to safely and quickly transport infants from a building or aircraft during an emergency evacuation. Examples include infant carriers, mattresses, backpacks and stretchers.

These devices are designed to provide a secure and stable environment for the infant and ensure the safety of both the infant and the caregiver during the evacuation process.

Types of Infant Evacuation Equipment

The following are some common types of infant evacuation equipment:

scapekids evacuation mattress
  • Infant carriers: A type of carrier that provides a secure and stable environment for the infant. Allows the caregiver to carry the infant hands-free during an evacuation.
  • Backpacks: A type of carrier that is worn on the back, providing support for the infant and freeing up the caregiver’s hands.
  • Stretchers: A type of carrier designed for infants who are unable to be carried, due to injury or disability. Stretchers can be hand-carried or wheeled.
  • Evacuation chairs: A type of chair designed for transporting individuals with mobility limitations down stairs or through narrow spaces. Some models are designed specifically for infants.
  • Evacuation sleds: A type of sled designed for transporting infants down stairs or through narrow spaces during an emergency evacuation.

These are some of the common types of infant evacuation equipment. It’s important to note that the appropriate type of equipment will depend on the specific needs of the infant and the environment.

What Evacuation Equipment Do You Use In Your Hospital or Clinic?

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